Data-Driven Biz

Data Science for Everyone

Statistical models and machine learning algorithms are often mysterious and confusing for average business and data professionals. However, even the most math-adverse can reach some understanding.

Desire for Mobile BI Continues to Increase

Almost three-quarters of users count on mobile access to BI insights, according to a new survey. Supported by improved technology and users' desire for more data access, mobile BI is growing in a big way.

Data Digest: Civic Technology, AI Aggression, Defining Data Science

Data initiatives that increase government transparency, Google experiments with competitive AIs, and the difference between a data scientist and a data analyst.

Data Digest: Data Science Career Paths, Healthcare Scheduling Algorithms, Big Data Versus Malaria

Read about 5 potential paths to becoming a data scientist, how data science is improving scheduling for cancer patients, and how big data is being used to fight malaria.

When the Relationships in Data Are More Important Than the Data Itself

Neo Technology's Emil Eifrem takes a closer look at the Panama Papers -- and how a powerful graph database made the mining of such huge data files possible.

Data Wrangling Versus ETL: What’s the Difference?

Three things that distinguish data prep from the traditional extract, transform, and load process.

Data Digest: Data Science Strategy, Evolving Data Science, Password Growth

Strategies for quality data science investments, how changing AI could change data scientist roles, and why passwords are more ubiquitous than ever.

The 10 Vs of Big Data

Big data goes beyond volume, variety, and velocity alone. You need to know these 10 characteristics and properties of big data to prepare for both the challenges and advantages of big data initiatives.

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