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Q&A: Transform Company Culture by Transforming How Workers Approach Data

Creating a data-driven company involves changing how data is viewed and used, both by top management and by curious, trained office workers. Frank Bien, CEO of Looker, explains how leading firms have transformed company culture by helping employees use data more effectively.

Does "Open" Mean "Free for the Taking"?

What should you do when someone takes credit for your work on an open-source project?

How a Small Insurance Firm Uses Big Data to Level the Playing Field

Large insurance companies are very good at aggregating data to analyze risk, but not so good at using big data to improve the front-end customer experience. That presents an opportunity for smaller firms, explains a digital marketing expert at insurance start-up Insureon.

IBM Doubles Down on AI

Despite the attraction of consumer-facing AI, IBM's focus on practical business applications may yet win the race for widespread AI adoption.

5 Minutes with a CTO: Darren Peirce of Magnitude Software

What's it like to be a chief technology officer? We look at the job itself and what role analytics plays with Darren Peirce of Magnitude Software.

The Year Ahead: 2017 Predictions for Analytics

Adoption of analytics across the enterprise is occurring at breakneck speed, and there is no sign of slowing down. In 2017, we'll witness a critical point as organizations seek analytics that extract greater value from all available data.

Data Digest: National Polls, Fake News, Cybersecurity Threats

A new poll shows what Americans think about policy under President Obama, a survey explores how people judge their news sources, and experts predict the major cybersecurity threats for 2017.

5 Minutes with a CEO: Ryan Shaw of Shoreditch

CEO Ryan Shaw describes his experiences running a start-up and how he sees analytics being used by different stakeholders.

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Q&A with Jill Dyché

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