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TDWI 2016 Salary Survey: Gender Pay Gap Remains

According to TDWI research, the gender gap in BI-related fields widened in 2016. There are many reasons why women are earning less than men in these jobs.

AI in the Crosshairs

At the 2017 World Economic Forum meeting, tech industry leaders openly discussed some of the ethical and societal challenges facing the current surge in big data-driven AI.

Successful Data Lakes: A Growing Trend

Data lakes have been widely misunderstood, but they are now benefiting from new best practices -- helping organizations gain significant value.

Data Digest: Big Data in Marketing, Illegally Selling Customer Data, Cybersecurity Going on the Offense

How marketing might miss the point of big data, why you need to check your customer data collection policies, and how to improve cybersecurity with a change of tactics.

Data Scientist Skills for Success

With the increasing demand for data science professionals, what skills are necessary to succeed in our new digital world?

Why Data Science Must (And Will) Be Automated

Data science today is extremely labor-intensive. The automated or quasi-automated features widely used in self-service BI aren't commonplace in data science, but Gartner says that's about to change.

The Best Jobs Are in Tech, Especially in Analytics and Data Management

It's a good time to be a data scientist. In all, four data management-related jobs cracked the top 10 of a new job satisfaction survey from

When Businesses Go Around IT for Analytics

Business people have been going around IT organizations for about as long as they've been dealing with them. In a recent report, Gartner tackles the emerging problem of going around IT for analytics.

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