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Data Stories: Solar Eclipses, the Economics of Travel, Visiting National Parks

Are you traveling this summer? These visualizations explore the paths of solar eclipses, tourist purchasing power in various countries, and the popularity of U.S. National Parks.

Data Digest: Data Science Communication, Quality, and Storytelling

Understand the importance of communication skills and data quality for data science and big data.

Don't Give in to Data Fatigue! AI Can Reenergize You

When it comes to AI, data can't be an afterthought. There's still more demand than supply when it comes to data knowledge.

Data Stories: Understanding Machine Learning

Use these visual introductions to learn basic concepts and algorithms for machine learning.

Where Everybody Knows More Than Just Your Name

Facial recognition technology allows us to recognize prospects and link them to our customer data warehouses while potentially providing an additional data source.

Data Stories: Patterns in Births, Fertility, and Birthdays

These visualizations will help you understand when babies are born, the myths around weather and pregnancy, and the birthday paradox.

With Predictive Analytics, Earlier is Better

The sooner your predictive analytics can predict an action, the more effective your marketing efforts can be.

Why Truly Diverse Teams Create Better Analytics

Bias is everywhere -- even in analytics. The best way to control for bias is to incorporate a diversity of experiences and perspectives in the teams we use to design and maintain predictive, machine learning, and AI systems.

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