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Why You Will Soon Use Deep Learning

Easy-to-use tools for deep learning will soon become available for mainstream consumption via packaged and SaaS applications as well as function-specific libraries.

Data Digest: Growth, Public Opinion, and Secret Workings of Machine Learning

Apple’s recent investment in machine learning, the general opinion of machine learning applications, and an initiative to better understand the inner workings of such algorithms.

Google's Machine-Learning Vision May Transform the Enterprise

Many of the products and services Google showcased at I/O 2017 seemed consumer-oriented, but their potential for transforming business is clear, such as TensorFlowLite, a new, mobile-optimized version of Google's hugely popular machine-learning framework.

Amazon Risks Repeating Itself with New Service

Amazon announced Spectrum, a service that supports SQL query against its Redshift MPP database and S3 storage service. However, Spectrum seems similar to another Amazon service, Athena.

The Importance of Being IoT

To win in the marketplace, an organization must incorporate IoT data and analytics, as well as artificial intelligence, into its strategic vision.

Data Digest: Data Science Quotes, Deep Learning at NASA, Sports and Big Data

Inspirational quotes for aspiring data scientists, how neural networks power extraterrestrial exploration, and why cybersecurity is now important in major sports.

Data Digest: Machine Learning Languages, Data Science Case Study, Graph Database Benefits

The benefits of various languages for machine learning, how a steel producer uses data science, and the advantages of graph database technology.

Data Digest: Federated Learning, Managing Big Data, Optimizing Delivery

Google’s next innovation, 5 steps to manage your big data, and how big data analytics can be used to improve food delivery.

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