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Data Stories: Inspire Engagement with Interactivity

Three examples of interactive visualizations: drawing a chart before revealing the data, a quiz to test your demographics knowledge, and a game to teach correlation coefficients.

Data Stories: Web Usability, Prevalence of Computers, Global Internet Speed

Learn why you should design tools for people with low technical skills, how many homes in the U.S. have a computer, and where the fastest Internet is.

Data Stories: New Year, New Uses for Your Data

How to analyze your Web traffic for new trends, collect data in interesting ways, and create a new product out of data.

Data Stories: Home for the Holidays

See how data visualizations help us understand when people relocate, how they connect, and what they believe.

Top Trends in BI and Self-Service Visual Analytics

Organizations need to seek the right balance of freedom and oversight that enable users to get their work done self-service style. Here are four trends that will help organizations achieve that goal in 2017.

Data Stories: Employment Gains and Losses, Job Satisfaction, and Job Trends

These visualizations explore employment across different sectors, factors that affect job satisfaction, and the most common jobs across the U.S.

Data Stories: Create Better Tables, Violin Plots, and Infographics

Learn to create clearer tables, when and how to use violin plots, and why infographics might improve BI adoption.

Data Stories: Tracking Trains, Efficient Escalators, Drilling Down

These visualizations show the volume of people on London’s public transit, demonstrate a test to improve crowded escalators, and explore deep beneath the surface of the earth.

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